Studio B

Studio B is a new studio facility by Benovich Communications and Rushes. 

Benovich Communications was established in 2011 and had since then, built several departments that cater to different needs of television and new media productions. 

Rushes was established 2002. Over the years, through professionalism, seniority and experience, Rushes gained various skills in providing camera, sound, grip and professional filming equipment services., all under one roof. 

Broadcasting Services

The world of media is built in live broadcasts. In traditional media channels , delivering live information is critical. Live broadcasting saves precious time by eliminating the need to run memory cards to editing rooms. 

Social media is also based almost exclusively on live broadcasting and many groups and companies widely use different options of live broadcasting.  

Our broadcasting serviced includes: 

Live broadcasts of events, conferences, lectures etc. using LIVE U , or Satellite. 

Live Single Camera set up.  

Live Multi Camera including graphics for Sports, News, Morning shows and more…

We Supply full HD cameras, sound equipment, lightning, vehicles, cables and broadcast monitoring to ensure quality.

Among our clients you can find: Keshet 12 tv channel, Reshet 13 tv channel , AP , KAN 11 , Sports channels and many more.

ENG services

Production companies usually require ENG crews for projects and programs for which they do the post production  themselves. 

We supply ENG crews including Camera, Sound, Lighting, vehicles and experienced camera crews. 

Among our clients: Artza productions, Koda, Abot Hameiri, Kastina, Keshet 12, Reshet 13, KAN 11 , Channel 20, DIY channel, IMG and many more

New Media

We are prepared to provide on-line services in terms of transmitting the materials and/or editing the materials as quickly as required in the new media world. 

Among out clients: Hot, FIBA, IPFL, INSS, Maccabi Haifa football, Maccabi Tel Aviv football and basketball, Ariel university, Big Brother, Yeshatid party and many more


In our complex there are five studios that will meet all your needs. 2 large studios (120 sqm, 50 sqm) for commercials, programs, live broadcasts, clips, 2 broadcast studios for the news channels and a green screen studio including floor. All studios are soundproofed and accessible for cars.